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Group photo with Liz Howard

Our Mission

The Soulfood Method is a transformative approach that inspires a positive shift in mindset, regardless of age.

Our Soulfood Retreats offers a transformative experience centered around healing and connecting with one's inner voice. 

Through the integrated practices of music, breathwork, and voice exercises, participants are provided with a safe space to explore their emotions, release tension, and cultivate self-expression. 

Music acts as a powerful tool for emotional healing, while breathwork enhances relaxation and self-awareness. Voice exercises help individuals develop a healthy and authentic expression of their inner voice. Together, these elements create a holistic approach to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth at Soulfood Retreats.

  • Singing Voice Retreats

  • Heal your inner Voice Retreats 

  • Love, language, Couples Retreat

  • Corporate Team Retreats


Your words matter, and so does your voice. It holds the power to inspire, persuade, motivate, and enchant. The way you convey your message, with the tone, pitch, and expression in your voice, can make a profound impact. Whether it's in business or personal relationships, once we let go of judgment and appreciate the diversity of voices, we can harness the true potential of our voices to convince, seduce, warn, encourage, cheer, and unleash our influence, creating meaningful change in the world. 

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