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Soulfood retreat team

Soulfood Voice Retreats Team

We offer participants the ability to let go of the past, to be relaxed in the transitions and to be heard.

Soulfood Retreats allow you to reboot from your business urban lifestyle through our singing and voice healing sessions.

Did you know that in one of her last documentaries, the late great Catherine Hepburn discussed how an actress as a non-singer always worked with a voice-singing coach to prepare for an upcoming role? 

There is also a famous actor who Trevor Noah interviewed (I wish I could remember his name). He also mentioned on national television that his Producer's sent him to a singing Coach to prepare for his then-upcoming starring role. 

What Are The Results You'll Love Receiving When You Join Our Soulfood Voice Retreat? 

Our Instructor

voice Guru

Liz Howard

Voice Guru

She is Germany's first KeyNote Singer, Trainer, Coach, Author and former Lecturer at the University of Economics and Environment in Nürtingen / Geislingen, Lecturer of Rhetoric.  For over 30 years her stage / speaking presence has inspired thousands around the world.     More

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