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Soulfood Autumn Voice Retreats

New Soulfood Voice Retreat Dates for 2024. Did you know that, Multiple research studies have demonstrated that singing not only alleviates depression but also has the capacity to alter one's mindset and dissipate negativity. Soulfood at its best!

Soulfood Autumn Voice Retreats
Soulfood Autumn Voice Retreats

Time & Location

Oct 17, 2024, 11:00 AM GMT+2 – Oct 20, 2024, 4:00 PM GMT+2

Valles, Via Birchwald, 10, 39037 Valles BZ, Italy

About the event

In the meantime, we have fabulous news!

The Soulfood Voice Retreat will take place on October 17th-20th 2024

Soulfood Voice Healing in The Nature 

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Take a moment to slow down and focus on the essentials. A warm cup of tea, a good book - isn't that the essence of autumn? The fresh air fills your lungs as your gaze freely wanders over the mountain landscape. Endless vistas and time for yourself. You've never experienced relaxation and design quite like this soulful experience. Here at SILENA, you'll discover the harmony of Far Eastern wellness secrets, South Tyrolean herbs, and Valser Hochmoor. You'll find grounding in the soulful spa, let yourself float in the rooftop onsen pool, and savor weightlessness as your gaze roams freely over the peaks.

Soulful moments at SILENA – so tranquil, so peaceful, so unique. Surrounded by the grounding and relaxing colors, shapes, and patterns of Southeast Asia.

You can experience so much with us! The forests are adorned in magnificent colors, and the light gently bathes the Hochmoor of Vals in warmth. The golden glow of the larch trees can be seen from afar. Enjoy extensive autumn walks in pleasant temperatures before enveloping yourself in the cozy warmth of the SILENA Spa.

To ensure your vacation is soulful, you'll receive complimentary mountain lift rides and admission to over 90 museums and exhibitions with the Almencard. Feel free and alive as you conquer nature on foot or by bike. Ground yourself with the rooftop onsen ritual or take laps in the pool. The warm days haven't bid farewell just yet.

At SILENA, the choice is yours...

  • Autumn walks through rustling leaves or relaxing in the relaxation room.
  • Explore nature by bike or lose yourself in the lines of a good book by the fire pit.
  • Soulful retreats or soothing tea infusions.
  • Yoga sessions or sauna infusions.

SILENA is an experience for your senses: fine textures, soft colors, and warm wood create a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation. Southeast Asian rituals, yoga sessions, or breath walks in the Hochmoor clear your mind and create space for new experiences. Here and now, in the heart of the idyllic Vals High Valley, at an altitude of 1,354 meters. In perfect harmony with nature.

Our restaurant creates culinary delights from regional natural cuisine for you. The atmospheric design suites with a spa-like atmosphere and contemporary touches are aesthetic retreats for you to catch your breath. An outdoor bathtub, inspired by the traditional Japanese Ofuro, on your balcony, heavenly beds, and meditation spots provide plenty of inspiration. Your space to unwind and savor.

If you have any questions about your Soulfood Voice Retreat, feel free to contact us by phone at +39 0472 547194. Or simply let us know to secure your escape at SILENA! Code Word Liz Howard Soulfood

Do more of what makes you happy!


  • Soulfood-Singles(Early Bird)

    All Costs include your hotel, accomodations and retreat.

  • Soulfood for Two(EarlyBird)

    Costs include hotel, accomodations and retreat.

  • Soulfood-Singles

    Costs include hotel, accomodations and retreat.

  • Soulfood for Two

    Costs include hotel, accomodations and retreat.




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